With Pencils In Hand

by Mosely

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We meet a lot of people / everyday in every town / but we never stick around / for very long at all / life's a whirlwind when it's passing you by through the window / down the highway / but I can't help it / I wanna hear a voice from home / don't you dare / think I have forgotten about you / when I'm on the road / I always picture your face in the crowd I wanna play our songs out loud and make you proud / I know it looks so easy but I swear it's really hard / to pack it all in a van and leave my world behind / I never want you to think for a moment / that this is everything that I wanted / if that were true you wouldn't be still on my mind / you'd be right next to me / it won't be long now / I'll be coming home.
Make History 03:22
The sun is rising on another day / and I think we're through with waiting / when you decide you wanna get things done / you put your best foot forward and you start to run / then you're on your way / c'mon! let's make history / there's gotta be somewhere in those books for us to be / they're gonna have to make some room / 'cause of what we've been up to / we just gotta work harder to make them see / that we're going down in history / somewhere in the distance I can hear / music playing so loud so clear / it's coming from somewhere down the road / when will we get there? / it's hard to know / but we're on our way / what are we waiting for? / wait'll you see what's in store.
Throwback 02:38
Remember all those open doors / things seemed easier before / the photographs and videos show me how much I've grown / but they say the more you learn the less you know / climbing trees and scraping knees / these were our biggest problems / didn't understand these wars / just sticks and stones and building forts / times have changed but we can't lose that feeling / let's throw it back and start again / rewind the ribbon right off of the VHS / we rode our bikes to the corner store / didn't need training wheels anymore / we were so quick to grow up / big kids did all of the cool stuff.
Let Me Be Me 02:57
3 more years until I get outta here / I gotta make it count / but this is pretty severe / I hear they have initiation / how do I make friends / how do I fit in / it's all so new to me unlike anywhere I've been / don't know what I'm gonna do / new face in the crowd / it's not so hard to stand out / but if you don't like what they're into / they'll make sure to tell you / they'll let you know / you can say a lot of things / you can spread your rumours too / but I know who I am and I'm not changing for you / if you have to tear me down to build your self esteem / then maybe you should just be you / and let me be me / I thought I had so many friends / they all left me for the popular ones / I'm not quite sure that I'll ever measure up to the standards / they set apart and segregate and shun everyone / let me be me.
Circles 03:19
Opportunity knocks but which door do you open / or should you be looking for a key / would you take a shortcut / if you knew it would get you / where you wanted to be? / with pencils in hand / we're drawing our circles / around these blank pages / and we both know that / everything's gonna be okay in the end / how long can it last / as long as we want it to / if you're in I'm in for sure / if it comes to the point / where we give everything up / we'll always wonder if there was more / we're so far from perfect / but we're never too far from home / we'll keep drawing our circles / 'cause we're never really alone.
Letdown 04:33
Explain yourself / the sky is as grey as everything left unsaid / will you say a word? / or coldly stare in my direction and withdraw instead / the sun's refusing to break the clouds / even though it stopped raining weeks ago / my skin's not quite as tough as it used to be / it softened with the flood when I hit that low / there's a storm inside / I'm screaming just beneath the surface / like a china cup that fell / it seems I am broken beyond repair / have I done something wrong? / have I let you down? / I know this will pass / it's just so hard to see the end / when you're stuck / right in the centre of it / tell me what's wrong and don't let me down / I know that things have changed / and this music is carrying me / when I'm stuck / right in the centre of it.


released January 25, 2013

Michael Poisson, Mathieu Vezina, Thomas Bagler, Danielle Poisson


all rights reserved



Mosely Ottawa, Ontario

Mosely is an indie alt-rock band based out of Ottawa, Canada.

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