Mosely (Self​-​titled EP)

by Mosely

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Friends 03:35
He said / Can I ask you a favour? / Will you please be my friend? / I could know you forever / we just can't get too close / it's not better together / but the snowstorms will always remind me of you / every song that you sang you were way outta tune / oh how things have changed / So tell me / how can we stay far away and love from a distance / if you say it's all said and done / cause your actions speak a lot louder than words / and the things that you say counter all of your verbs / whoa oh whoa / let's just be friends / She said / You don't really mean that / can I please change your mind? / cause it's all or nothing / maybe give it some time / don't give up on a great thing / Cause I know it's hard to love someone like me / but if you stick it out I'm sure you will see / that nothing here has changed / Walking down all the same roads / but I'll never blame you for the things that I've done / over and over I try to forget / that sooner or later we'll just have to quit / So tell me / how can we stay far away and love from a distance / if you say it's all said and done / cause your actions speak a lot louder than words / and the things that you say counter all of your verbs / leaving me hanging here less than assured / whoa oh whoa / let's just be friends.
Not Afraid 03:29
Forgo consequence / we'll stay out late / long past our curfews / cause life doesn't wait / there's wisdom in bliss / ignorance between sheets / and we'll never tell secrets meant to keep / I'm not afraid of the nighttime / cause you filled it up with fireflies / I'm not afraid of the shadows / I've seen far worse things under the sun / you can chase me all you want / I'll only run away / I'm everything you ever were in your younger days / sometimes it's hard to look into the mirror / regrets are staring back / they couldn't be clearer / oh I'll never get away with this / they're sure to catch on / oh I'd risk it all / it won't be long / say it once more / you make me believe anything that you want / one more time I might be addicted / can't live without you.
I only feel at home / when my feet stay planted / but I can never quite stay still / I can't tie down / the way I feel inside / I couldn't stop it if I tried / and it's happening again / yeah we knew / we knew it all along / we were meant for something better / you can judge a book / by it's cover / if you turn the pages / history keeps changing / there was a time / I was invisible / you didn't know me way back then / in the dark room / I was developing / I never thought I'd be in pictures / yeah you knew / you knew it all along / we've worn through all their hopes / like the rubber on our tires / we know / we know it's worth it / to follow your heart.
Better Off 03:23
Tell me one more time / how you feel / how can you deal? / telling little lies / like a white table cloth covering what's real / pretend you're not birds of a feather / talk about the weather / like a paperclip clinging to it all / you're barely holding together / don't waste your time / this will never work out / don't fool yourself / we are better off / you're free to speak / what's on your mind / but try to be kind / cause it seems like you always have more to say / when words are hard to find / there's nothing left to say / oh it's all been exhausted / got nothing left in me / the damage has all been done.
Moving On 03:20
Memories of her standing down by the lakeshore / you spent the whole summer both side by side / will she forget you? will she come visit? / wait by the phone or move on with you're life / cause we are moving on / always moving on / late night canal walks lit up by the lamplight / watching your breath floating into the air / imagining summer your time spent together / the look in her eyes and the smell of her hair / but you're breaking patterns and going the distance / life's different without her / you want her back in it / don't you ever let go of that warmth / you found in the summer / her by your side.


Gold records, golden tickets, golden retrievers. When things are made of gold, it's usually a good thing. Gold is considered to be precious and for Mosely, this record is a collection of their very best.

It could have easily been titled, "The Breakup Songs", exploring the more emotional side of the band and drawing from personal life experiences. From failed relationships to what it's like to fall in love with someone who gets you, this album stays true to Mosely's roots and will undoubtedly make you feel something.


released June 12, 2015

Music by Mosely

Lyrics by Danielle Poisson & Eric Hitsman

Collaboration with Jessica Mitchell for the track "Friends"

Produced and Mixed by Steve Foley at Audio Valley Recording Studios
Mastered by Jason Fee at Conduction Mastering.


all rights reserved



Mosely Ottawa, Ontario

Mosely is an indie alt-rock band based out of Ottawa, Canada.

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